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My Favorite Locations for Philadelphia Engagement Photos (That Don't Require Permit Fees!)

The Philadelphia area is home to so many beautiful photoshoot locations. If you're looking for some inspiration of places to take your engagement photos, look no further! After photographing the city and surrounding area for nine years I have developed quite the list of locations. This list is of all of my favorites which do not require any permit fees and just one that does, priced very low (that's very worth it imo).

City Vibes
Looking for that city vibe? Tall buildings, alleyways, cross walks, bridges.

Old City
Couple walk together through Elfreth's Alley in Old City, Philadelphia. Taken by Philly wedding photographer Madison Neumann Photography.
For Old City sessions, there are so many places to start and just walk around finding historic buildings and alleyways. My favorite meeting spots are Elfreth's Alley, Merchant's Exchange Building, and Second National Bank. Merchant's Exchange and Second National Bank require permits for wedding photos and are very popular options for couple's getting married in the city, so I'd recommend using those as meeting places Mon-Thurs only.

Race Street Pier
A couple stand together and look out at the Ben Franklin Bridge from Race Street Pier. Taken by Philly wedding photographer Madison Neumann Photography.
The best spot to get those iconic photos with the Ben Franklin bridge. They recently removed their permit fees in 2023.
Front Street Murals in Fishtown
Couple stands apart, holding hands in front of murals in Fishtown Philadelphia. Taken by Philadelphia wedding photographer Madison Neumann Photography.
So many murals line Front Street in Fishtown to create a variety of fun backgrounds to choose from. When you're done with the murals, pop into local favorites like La Colombe or Evil Genius.

Rittenhouse Square and Iconic streets in Center City like Addison Street, etc.
A couple stands together, kissing at their engagement photos in Center City Philadelphia. Taken by Philly wedding photographer Madison Neumann Photography.

Rittenhouse Square provides the unique mix of city and nature with its greenery surrounded by big city buildings. When you're done in Rittenhouse Square, take a stroll around the charming streets of Center City Philadelphia. From the Christmas light adorned trees lining Addison Street to cafe seating on sidewalks and brownstone steps.

Cira Green
Couple poses together for their photoshoot at Cira Green in Philadelphia.

Fun fact: Cira Green is where I got engaged!
A park on top of a parking garage in University City, it's views of the city skyline and fun mix of industrial and nature just can't be beat.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Steps
Couple stands together for their engagement photos in Philadelphia on the Philadelphia Art Museum steps. Taken by Madison Neumann Photography.

While you unfortunately can't photograph the inside of The Philadelphia Art Museum, the good news is it's steps and surrounding areas have a ton of beauty to offer! From the architecture of the building, views of city hall from the front of the steps, and Fairmount park starting in the back you can get a really good variety.

Small Towns
There are so many charming small towns that surround the Philadelphia area.

West Chester
Engagement session in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Taken by Madison Neumann for Courtney Kattler Photography.

Any small town can be a photoshoot location! Some of my other favorites are: Collingswood, Haddonfield, Manayunk, New Hope, and Lambertville.

Step outside of the city and into all of the beautiful, natural locations Pennsylvania has to offer.

Maple Acres Farm*
A couple kisses amongst the flowers at their engagement photoshoot at Maple Acres Farm in Pennsylvania. Taken by Philly wedding photographer Madison Neumann Photography.

Maple Acres Farm has been a longstanding favorite of mine. From late Spring to early Fall they have a flower field that is open to "pick your own" flowers where you are permitted to take photographs. This little field of colorful wildflowers is unlike anywhere else in our area.
*$25 permit fee your photographer can purchase, valid for an entire year of photoshoots

Fairmount Park
A couple stands together for their engagement photos under a tall tree at Fairmount Park Horticultural Center in Philadelphia. Taken by Philly wedding photographer Madison Neumann Photography.
Fairmount Park is a big park with a ton great photo options. You could go behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art with views of the Schuykill River, or meet in front of the Fairmount Park Horticultural Center where Cherry Blossoms bloom in the Spring.

Wissahickon Valley Park
Fall in Wissahickon Valley Park

Like Fairmount Park, Wissahickon Valley Park has so many options to choose from. The two spots I frequent within the park are the Red Covered Bridge and Forbidden Drive trail. Both have access to parking and minimal hiking involved before you approach good photo spots. For Forbidden Drive, I like to park by Valley Green Inn and start by the water which runs right along the parking lot. Especially beautiful in the Fall.

White Cliffs of Conoy
Future bride and groom walk together hand in hand for their engagement photos at White Cliffs of Conoy in Pennsylvania. Taken by Philadelphia wedding Photographer Madison Neumann Photography.

Located about two hours outside of the city, but to honor a list of my favorite locations, I just had to include it! This location off of a small hike right outside of Lancaster, PA is out of this world and so worth the drive. Consider a stop at the turkey hill factory or sheetz on your way back to the city an added bonus.


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