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Spring Stylized Bridal | Philadelphia, PA

When I think of Spring, I think of these photos. So, I figured now is the best time to finally share them in a blog post! Last year we planned to visit a tulip field in late April and sadly just missed the peak Tulip season by the time we had everything together. Some friends suggested Bartram's Gardens in Philadelphia instead, and it was a location change I ended up being extremely happy with! We got the most beautiful sunlight, a tree swing, and even some tulips! What really made this shoot great was our little perfect team. I always love seeing and shooting beside my dear friend Hannah, and I got to meet two new creatives who I have worked with many times over the passed year since then: Saysha and Eddie. I have had the privilege of shooting Caroline's dresses for a few years now and they never disappoint. Writing this while in COVID-19 quarantine is really making me miss the freedom of creating with teams. It makes me cherish this shoot all that much more.

Happy Spring everyone!

This shoot was made possible by the following vendors:

Photography and Styling: Madison Neumann

Secondary Photography: Hannah Beier

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