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Featured: Maddie and Emily's Styled Couple's Session at Coney Island | NYC, New York

I have worked many times throughout the last few years with my good friend Ali of Blonde and Blue Boutique. Her set styling has expanded into creative directing, which is the role she played for this project. Ali reached out to me shortly before this session with her ideas, and being a huge fan of NYC culture and someone who has never been to Coney Island, I immediately jumped on the opportunity. Ali recruited our stylist, Jasmin, who absolutely killed the styling of these two women and since has become a go-to for styling my shoots. The three of us woke up early on this summer morning to meet Maddie, Emily, and our makeup artist Melanie in a New York City hotel room to get ready. Together, we traveled to Coney Island and utilized the whole day to explore and take photos. I am beyond happy that our hard work paid off, and our beautiful images along with Maddie and Emily's beautiful love story was featured on one of my favorite Wedding blogs, Dancing with Her. Here, I'll share some of my favorite images from the day, but I highly recommend checking out our full feature for more images and the beautiful write up!

Full Feature:

This session was made possible by the following team:

Creative Director: Alexandra Conn of Blonde and Blue Boutique

Stylist: Jasmin of Black Stone Vintage

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