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Published: Love is Strange | Philadelphia, PA

"Love is Strange" was published in Cerulean Magazine on February 13, 2019

This shoot was particular fun because it was really out of the box for both Aubrie and myself. Aubrie Costello is an artist that makes beautiful hanging pieces out of silk. We met briefly at an art show last year where we traded pieces; and I had been a fan of hers for awhile so I was ecstatic! I still have the piece she traded with me hanging in my room. When she started branching out and incorporating her work into photo shoots I knew we had to work together. But I didn't want the art work to just be something that was hanging in the background, I wanted it to be the star of the show. I had a vision of taking one of her pieces and wrapping a model in it to create a sort of clothing. Together, we casted Alexa and on a chilly February day we all met up at FDR Park where we took some sweaters, some pins, some of Aubrie's work, and mashed together this amazing look that I can only describe as editorial. Upon realizing the color palette and messages on the silk pieces fit perfectly for the upcoming holiday (only one week away!) I edited the photos as fast as I could and start reaching out about Valentine's Day publications. Cerulean Magazine picked us up and published our work just a day prior.

The pieces read "Farewell"and "Love is Strange"

This editorial was made possible by the following creatives:

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