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Published: Career Women | Philadelphia, PA

Career Women was published in Childs Play Magazine on May 3, 2019

The idea for "Career Women" came to me a little differently than my other shoots. To be honest, I hate when people ask where I get my inspiration from because I truly don't know. I'm sure it subconsciously comes from a lot of places. We live in a world that is so visually stimulating. But on average, my shoot ideas just come to me when I'm alone for awhile. Whether that's sitting in my room at night or taking a long drive.

This shoot in particular though was the product of my sister, Marlee. She sent me a photo of these coordinating sets she picked up when thrifting, knowing they would be perfect for a shoot. Kay and Brittany were a shoo-in. It was cold at the time so an indoor location was also a must. I had worked with Rare Co just a few weeks before and Jeremy offered up their super cool space. Maria from Blushing Bombshell provided makeup.

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