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Preparing for Your Winter Wedding Day

Winter wedding's can be absolutely gorgeous: the chance of snow, the cool color palettes. But especially here on the East Coast, winter wedding weather can be very unpredictable. In this past year alone I have photographed a 15 degree December wedding day and a 65 degree February wedding day - you just never know! So with all wedding preparation I say it's better to be safe than sorry. These are a few of my tips to make sure you are well prepared to have the perfect winter wedding day.

Winter Wedding Invitation Suite Flat Lay

1. Thermals

Whether your wedding attire allows for thermal leggings, a long sleeve, or both they are essential for adding an extra layer. There are so many options available now: from thermals that perfectly match your skin tone to thermals that even have built in heating pads! With all of the options available you are sure to find something that keeps you warm without hindering your wedding day look.

2. Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are an affordable way to bring warmth to you and your wedding party. A pack on Amazon averages just $12! Stuff them in your pockets, purses, and wedding day transportation to have a bit of warmth readily available throughout the day.

Jocelyn and Raykels Winter Wedding at Vie Philadelphia

3. Closed Toe Shoes

This one is an absolute must. The risk of frostbite, especially on your toes is never worth it. Most dresses cover your feet anyway, so especially when you are outside make sure you are opting for something insulated! This also gives you the opportunity to add another layer with socks. Boots with your dress is always a fashion moment I personally love, but even if you don't love them just keep them covered by your dress when your outside and switch into a pair of shoes you really love when you are inside for your ceremony and/or reception.

4. Get Stoles, Scarves, Shawl's etc. for you and your wedding party

We've mentioned them a lot in this post: layers. The more layers you can have the better! Adding a stole, scarf, shawl, or similar is a great way to keep warm and it really leans into the winter wedding aesthetic.

Sarah and Matts Winter Wedding Day at Olde Mill Inn Basking Ridge NJ

5. Plan your wedding timeline around potential breaks

Wedding days typically involve around or over two hours of formal photos in total. When it's too cold, you may not want to be outside for extended periods of time. Allocate additional time for potential breaks if you start feeling too cold, and figure out where those breaks will be happening. If you're going to a large outdoor area you may want to keep a warm car running nearby, or you may want to opt for a spot around your venue near a room where you can pop in to warm up and rest.

6. Pick a venue with indoor spaces you love

Sometimes the cold is just too cold, it's best to select a venue that has indoor options you love for photos in case it doesn't work out to go outside!

7. Research sunset time and plan accordingly

Sunset is super early in the winter. If taking photos in the daylight is something that is important to you, you'll want to be mindful of the sunset time when selecting things like your ceremony time and whether or not to go with a first look. For example, if you are getting married at 4:00 with a 4:30 sunset time, a first look would be the best option for you.

Sarah and Matt's Winter Wedding Day at Olde Mill Inn Basking Ridge NJ

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