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Our Pizza Party Rehearsal Dinner at Pumphouse Bed and Breakfast | Bloomsburg, PA

Dave and I's wedding weekend was truly everything I dreamed of it being: starting with our rehearsal dinner! We hosted our rehearsal dinner at our wedding venue, Pumphouse Bed and Breakfast in Bloomsburg, PA. When we first toured the venue in 2020, one of the huge appeals for us was that you get to stay over the night before and night of your wedding; meaning we could show our family around the property, run through our rehearsal at our real ceremony site, host our rehearsal dinner, and have a big sleepover after! From the moment we saw the patio with the twinkling lights and wood fired pizza oven the wheels started turning and we quickly envisioned a very fun and family oriented pizza party.

To make the pizza's happen, we decided it would be easiest to get dough that was already shaped, so we ordered chilled pizzas from our local grocery store. Some with just dough, some with sauce and cheese. We picked up every topping we could think of, and my stepmom picked up everything for salad that we could have with our slices.

For the decor, we opted to keep it simple after all of the fuss around the wedding decorations. It helps that our venue is so naturally beautiful, because it really didn't need much to make everything look great. The day before, my sister and I went to Trader Joe's and put together floral arrangements for tables, and that's really it! With the spring blooms and sunset lighting surrounding the outdoor tables it turned out beautiful.

We made pizzas, shared drinks, and listened to music until it seemed like a fitting time to retreat to the houses and get some much needed sleep for the day ahead.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos, below!

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