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How to Prepare for a Rainy Wedding Day

For so many people, the idea of rain on their wedding day is their worst nightmare. But it doesn't have to be! The weather is something so out of your control and your big day will be absolutely perfect regardless. With all things weddings, preparing ahead of time can be a huge stress relief. Here on the East Coast, rain is a possibility any time of year so having a plan is a great idea regardless of the outcome!

1. Create a rain plan with your venue as early as possible

Your rain plan starts all the way at the beginning of your wedding planning journey, as early as your venue tours! A huge question to ask venues you are considering is "What is your rain plan?". Especially if they are a venue where a lot of the events typically happen outside. Even if you aren't completely happy with their response, consider other options you would be happy with and ask if accommodations can be made. This is so important because you want to make sure you are happy with all of the places your wedding events could be potential held: your venue is a huge part of your day!

2. When considering event locations, consider photo locations too!

Like your "rain plan" event locations, you want to make sure there is a rain plan for photo locations too. You'll want to make sure you are happy with the look of the location, that it is covered, and that it provides enough space for the largest grouping you will need to photograph. If your wedding party and family is small, this will not be too much of a concern. However, if you are planning on large groupings (20+) making sure there's enough room is something that is very important! Some location options can be an additional room at your venue, grand staircase, or even a covered porch if you still want an outdoor feel.

3. Stock up on clear umbrellas

From a photographer's perspective: clear umbrellas are the absolute best! Their design allows you to see through them and won't clash with anything your wearing. You can purchase them at major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon. You can also rent them on wedding exchange forums like Facebook groups. Before you rent or buy, you can also check with your vendors. A lot of photographer's will carry at least a small set but additional vendors like your venue and planner may have some too. You only need one or two for portraits of the two of you but if you want outdoor photos with your wedding party as well they are great to have on hand.

4. Bring a change of shoes you won't mind getting wet or muddy

This tip speaks for itself! Bring a change of shoes for when you are outside and save your nice shoes for when you're inside for your wedding events.

5. Carry or bustle your dress

If you are traveling in and out on a rainy wedding day, it may be the best idea to keep the dress bustled until you're inside for your wedding ceremony.

6. Take the photos outside anyway!

While it's important to love your venues rain plan let's be honest: most people chose their venue's and wedding day locations for all of the outdoor beauty this has to offer! If this is the case, you should absolutely still try to get outside for some photos. Your wedding day only happens once and you'll never regret the even 10-15 minutes you can take to step outside for a few photos. Bustle that dress, throw on a change of shoes, huddle under a clear umbrella and enjoy your own little "The Notebook" moment!

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