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How to Have the Best Wedding Morning Ever!

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Your wedding day consists of so many big events: your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception - but with all of these big events you can't forget about the section of the day that sets the mood for it all! Getting ready is an equally big part of the wedding day timeline, and I have some tips to make sure your wedding morning is the best it can be.

Bride Belky gets hair and makeup done on wedding day at Perona Farms in New Jersey

Create a good schedule with your hair and makeup artists

Your hair and makeup artists will know best in this department and will give you their suggestions to make sure the schedule runs in an efficient manner. When creating this schedule, I recommend going for the option that takes the least amount of time. Adding additional hair and makeup stylists typically incur additional fees, but this is a section of the wedding budget where the splurge it is absolutely worth it. A 5:30am start time for a 6:00pm ceremony because you only have one artist for ten people is no fun!

Don't go last

Getting ready goes by fast, and it is the part of the day that is most likely to go over time. As the person getting married, you don't want to feel rushed before all of the big events are starting. Go in the middle of the schedule so you still have time to relax before and after. If your photographer is not arriving until after you're done, you can request touch ups can be captured. In my opinion, I always love the touch up shots the most anyway!

Bride gathers with her girls in their pajamas in their hotel room on her wedding day in Philadelphia, PA

Have all hair and makeup done by the first scheduled photo time

Pajama photos are a huge trend in recent years. If this is something you'd like to have, make sure you and your wedding party are ready for these photos either when your photographer arrives, or whatever time they recommend for having those photos done. A lot of people do not factor these photos into their timeline and then you have half the wedding party ready to go and the other half still getting their hair and makeup done - it can cause quite the stir as people run around to get photo ready earlier than they anticipated!

Add more time to the schedule than you think you'll need

The common thread in so many of these tips is creating a schedule that really maximizes your wedding timeline and creates a stress free environment. Getting ready can so easily go over time because it can so easily take longer than you think! Who would've thought it could take up to 30 minutes to get into a dress? For that reason I recommend taking a look at the time you think you need, and adding 30-60 minutes to that.

Bridesmaids dressed in matching robes hang the brides wedding dress on a hanger in anticipation for photos

Do all of your outfit prep beforehand

Suits, dresses, and other formalwear sometimes require some preparation! From snipping tags to ironing and steaming, I recommend getting this all day the day before or morning of. Steam and heat coming from steamers and irons can easily melt makeup and raise the temp of a getting room. This also gives you the opportunity to spot any potential wardrobe malfunctions and remedy them before it's crunch time.

Plan on both breakfast and lunch

In so many getting ready spaces a lovely breakfast is set out, only to continue sitting out for hours before you realize its 3:00pm and all that are left are the stale bagels on the counter. You'll want to plan on breakfast and lunch, or at least an ample amount of snacks especially if your getting ready time goes past noon.

Bride pours glasses of champagne for her bridesmaids wearing getting ready pajamas in their suite at the wythe hotel in New York City


In addition to ample food, you'll want to make sure you're hydrating throughout the morning. So many people say they were too anxious to eat or drink anything on their wedding day, but it really is important. Especially in warmer months, lack of hydration will catch up with you quickly once you're out taking photos and enjoying your wedding day events. I recommend picking up a hydration multiplier like liquid IV or electrolyte packets to maximize what you drink.

A bride's vow booklet is laid on a backdrop surrounded by other details like her shoes, jewelry, and flowers

Organize your details ahead of time

If your photographer takes detail photos, chances are they will be snapping away while you're getting ready! To make things easy, organize all of your details in one place. This not only makes it nice day of to just hand your photographer one box with everything, it also helps you when packing for the big day knowing you have a set place to put everything. Popular details to include are: your rings, invites, vow books, shoes, jewelry, pocket squares, hair accessories, tie, watch, etc.

A bride and her bridesmaids jump on a bed in their getting ready pajamas in their suite at the Lokal Hotel Old City Philadelphia as they listen to their favorite music

Set the vibe with good background noise

Nothing sets a mood like a good playlist. This is the perfect opportunity to play songs that will get you energized and excited for the big day ahead. Even if music isn't your thing, plan on a nostalgic movie or big sports game to have going on in the background, it goes a long way!

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