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Social Distancing | A Self Timer Photo Session

As "Stay Home" orders have overtaken my home state of New Jersey and now most of our country, I have cleared my photo shoot schedule for the next eight weeks at least. With wedding season just around the corner and a book full of sessions to capture spring blooms I've been pretty down about having to wait so much longer after an already long Winter to photograph my clients again. Then I thought, what better couple to capture during this time then the couple I am able to capture, my fiancé and I! We got dressed up, cleared some space, and set the camera up on a 10 second timer and raced back and forth to capture these images. I have a new found respect for photographers who I see do self portrait sessions all the time, it was pretty tough! But I'm so happy with these images and feel so lucky for my ability to be able to document our love during these uncertain times.

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