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  • Madison Neumann

Carolynne and Dominique's Couple's Session | Philadelphia, PA

On this day in June I had two sessions: One for Carolynne and Dominique, and one for Carolyn and Lou. Needless to say before I realized I was shooting two very similar named ladies in one day, in the same city, my messages got real mixed up real quick. After embarrassing myself with confusing questions pretty well I think it got our sessions off on a really light noted start. The weather was beautiful, and I truly had the best day ever shooting both couples who were incredibly kind (and totally rolled with all of my cheesy prompts).

Carolynne and Dominique first reached out in the summer of 2018, and after a very long school year of ill fated schedules we finally got to meet and make this absolute magic! Their love for one another just radiated through the lens. Enjoy some of my favorites from their session below.

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