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Editorial: Forbidden Planet: An Intergalactic Love Story

July 2019

Forbidden Planet: An Intergalactic Love Story focuses on our heroine; a space cadet from planet Earth traveling to galaxies far away. Upon her arrival to a planet so far uncharted, she finds love in a space cowboy with a face of silver and a heart of gold. Their forbidden love is short lived before she departs to discover more worlds unknown.

The concept for Forbidden Planet came from it's title; the movie Forbidden Planet. After discovering Forbidden Planet in a class last year I fell in love with the imagery of vintage meets space. It was something that was always in the back of my mind providing inspiration, but really came to life when I found this location and could visualize our story here. My sister, Marlee is the best retro babe I know so she was a must for the role. With knowing our male had to be in full alien style, I had a feeling I would struggle with casting, but Trent reached out on instagram and was so down with all of our concepts, it was amazing! Jasmin and I had worked together on another shoot just before this one and Madison and I have worked together for quite awhile now, so these were two ladies I had worked with before and really trusted to bring the vision to life. The all silver looks paired with the intergalactic highlighter showed me I made the absolute best choices with this team.

This editorial was made possible by the following creative team:

Models: Marlee and Trent

Stylist: Jasmin of Black Stone Vintage

Makeup Artist: Madison of MadMakeup

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