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Published: High Noon Dream | Schwenksville, PA

"High Noon Dream" was published in Volume 5 of Penny Magazine in August 2019

This editorial was created by myself and Jess Cady. Jess and I have worked together a few times before (and like it seems with all of my models) way too much time had gone by since we last saw one another. We collectively decided we wanted to work on a concept together to make our shoot really worth while. The more we got to talking, the more we realized we both already had some similar ideas brewing. Three red heads, pastel colors, flowy dresses, and a lot of nature. I can remember the day we shot this so clearly because it was in March and it was so beautifully warm out (maybe a little bit too warm in the greenhouses, but it was well worth it after a long winter). It felt so purely like the happiness and awakening of spring time that that's what prompted the shoots title. High Noon- Noun. Midday (when the sun is at its highest).

This editorial was made possible by the following creative team:

Wardrobe Styling: Sarah Gleeson

Hair and Makeup Artistry: Sofi of Air Hair and Makeup

Concept and Modeling: Jess Marie Cady

Model: Lili Ruger

You can now purchase Volume 5 of Penny Mag through Rare Mags and Magma Shop

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