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Sayda and Angelo's Wedding at Washington Lake Park | Washington TWP, NJ

Sayda and Angelo : Married December 22, 2018

After Kelsey and John's wedding in late October I thought my 2018 wedding season was over. It's no surprise that I adore shooting weddings, and waiting until April 2019 seemed like it would be so hard! I had already lined up some bridal editorial shoots to keep myself busy. But then, Sayda reached out to me in December just weeks shy of her wedding date! The reason being that her and Angelo decided to go for and tie the knot just over Thanksgiving. I loved the idea of this intimate wedding, and loved it even more for it for reopening my 2018 wedding season. Sayda and Angelo's big day came together on a wooded path at Washington Lake Park that made for the perfect wintery ceremony. It really proved to me that two people in love can really make miracles happen. Wedding's planned whether over weeks or years are beautiful for the simple reason that it is two joining together as one on their journey's through life. Since their wedding, Sayda and Angelo have welcomed their second child together. (Can you believe Sayda and BOTH of her bridesmaids were pregnant on her big day? Talk about friends for life!)

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