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  • Madison Neumann

Highlights of 2016

2016 was a huge year for me. 2015 had been very traumatic for me in many ways, so I was intent on making the year better than the previous. While 2016 did come with it's losses and stresses in a big social way, I personally had a year of enormous growth professionally. In 2016 I downloaded lightroom and photoshop and started teaching myself how to edit, purchased my own domain name, improved my equipment, and more than doubled my wedding gigs from the previous year. I also went on tons of fun adventures and had the pleasure of meeting and working with a lot of really great creatives, from my area and beyond. To top it all off, I was granted my first publication in June for winning in the top 200 photos of the year in Photography Magazines annual students book, and I recieved notice in November that I will be recieving my first ever interview publication which is set to be released in January 2017. Below, I've attached some of my favorite photos from the year (and tried my best to keep it chronological!), and I hope to have many many more to share by this time next.

Models include: Delanie DeMarco, Brooke Stafford, Ashley Nicole, Shauna Hill, Allie Lee Daisy, Kaila Rae Garcia, Nikki Armstrong, Celia Harris, Gogo Wang, Colleen McCabe, Terence Mad, Bella Polisi, Marlee Neumann, Sara Helene, Vantana Howell, Isaiah B, Asya Rotella, Kimber Beck, Gabrielle Paoletti, Mina Lee, Victoria Barysheva, Sarah Asman, Allison Schroeder, Georgia Clark, Jessica Cady, and Noelle Giorgi

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